• Turnkey Beer Brewing Factory Equipment for Craft Brew Beer Brewery Plant
  • Turnkey Beer Brewing Factory Equipment for Craft Brew Beer Brewery Plant
  • Turnkey Beer Brewing Factory Equipment for Craft Brew Beer Brewery Plant
  • Turnkey Beer Brewing Factory Equipment for Craft Brew Beer Brewery Plant
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Turnkey Beer Brewing Factory Equipment for Craft Brew Beer Brewery Plant

  • 5000 SETS/YEAR
Advantages of Beer equipment: 1. High performance. 2. Good abrasion resistance materialcopper beer equipment. 3. We all adopt SUS304 to produce our equipment. The inner jacket and seal head of the tanks are all 3.0mm. The external is2.0mm. It ensure the good pressure resistance and good abrasion resistance. 4. Polishing accuracy up to Ra0.4μ m. 5. Strict tank pressure test. 6. Energy conservation and pollution emissions. AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT We provide one stop shopping service, you can not only purchase beer equipment from TONSEN, but also purchase beer brewing ralated products from us. Lile beer hop gun/rocket/cannon, beer keg filler/washer machines, beer kegs, beer bottles/beer cans filling and capping machine, malt miller, beer chiller, beer kegirator, beet tap handle,beer steam generator,beer heat exchanger,beer CIP ,wine distiller equipment ect. Mixer(multi-level or continuously variable transmission); sterile respirator(or sterile positive control); inlet and outlet ports; sterile sampling port; observation Master Kong; slagging servant hole; cold water inlet exports; thermometer; CIP cleaning spray; filtering screen device, extraction apparatus, circulatory system.


Brew house system consists of Mash Tun, Lauter Tun, Boiling Kettle, Whirlpool kettle, Hop Dosing Equipment.The main equipment adopted international quality standards of sanitary 304 stainless steel,to deal with the tank by plasma cutting ,pure Ar-shielding welding,mechanized automatic polishing machine . Our scientific Dimple Jacket production technology can utmost ground realizes the effect of heat conduction,use high quality rock wool or polyurethane materials to insulation for the inner tank,effectively prevent heat energy leakage from the tank.advanced Lauter Tun raker systems and automatic hydraulic lifting technology,can ensure mash filter uniform and comprehensive. The brew house system could be included two-vessels brew house, three-vessels brew house and four-vessels brew house. Two-vessels brew house includes mash/lauter tun and kettle/whirlpool tank. Three-vessels includes mash tank, lauter tun and kettle/whirlpool tank. Four-vessels includes mash tank, lauter tun, boiling kettle and whirlpool tank. The capacity is bigger, the vessels is more. It is just in order to reduce the brewing time, improve the working efficiency. The saccharification system heating has many forms, such as steam heating, electric heating pipe heating, direct fire heating, heat conducting oil heating and so on.

Fermentation systems is made up of Fermentation Tank and Bright Beer Tank quantities are based on customer's request. According to different fermenting request, structure of fermentation tank be be designed accordingly.Generally Fermentation Tank structure is dished head and cone bottom,with Polyurethane installation and dimple cooling jackets .There is a cooling jacket on tank cone section,columnar part has two or three cooling jackets.This not only can meet the relevant requirements of cooling, guarantee cooling rate of fermentation tank, also help to precipitation and storage the yeast. Tank internal and external wall are made of international quality standards of sanitary 304 stainless steel,the Polyurethane insulation thickness between the inner and outer is 100-200mm.conic bottom install inlet and outlet pipes,valves,temperature transducer,etc,with the help of PLC auto-control, the equipment can reach to automatic and semi-automatic control. The height of conic bottom is a quarter of the total height.the ratio of tank diameter and height of tank is 1:2~1:4,the cone angle usually between 60°~90°.


Model TS-1000L
Capacity 1000L/Batch
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Combination method Mash/lauter tun, kettle/whirlpool tank
Application Restaurants, bars, hotels, brewery
Heating way Electric heating/steam heating/direct fire heating
Voltage AC380/220V,50/60HZ
Out size Ø 1460*2300mm
Floor area 60m2
Degree of automation Semi-automatic/Fully automatic
Brewing system
Milling system
Flex Auger
Stainless steel
Grist case
Double Roller,Noise<60db
Heating System
Boiler (steam heating)
Electric or steam or direct fire
1000L Brewhouse System 
Mash / Lauter tun
Heating jacket
Material: SUS 304/316 or Red copper
1 Thermometer / tank
Boiling / Whirlpool Tank
Plate type
1000L Fermentation System
Fermentation Tank
Top manway/Side manway ,  Glycol cooling jacket
Yeast Adding Tank
SUS304 Stainless Steel
Refrigerator System 
10HP Chiller machine
With control system
Pump / valve

3000L Ice water tank
Fluorine filling
CIP Cleaning System 
Acid Tank
SUS304 full welded
Alkali Tank(electrical heating)

Control System 
Control Cabinet
Filtering System(option)
Candle type diatomite filter/Membrane filter/Bag filter
Bright beer tank
Double-layer with insulation;
Filling System(option)
Glass bottle line
Manual/semi-auto/full auto type
Canning line
Manual/semi-auto/full auto type
Keg system
Manual/semi-auto/full auto type 


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