• Biological Fermentation System
  • Biological Fermentation System
  • Biological Fermentation System
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Biological Fermentation System
  • 5000 SETS/YEAR
The system can be composed of batching tank, seed cultivation, fermentation system, feed system, defoamer system, acid-base system, air pressure and filtration system, steam system, control system and pipeline transportation system, etc. As the main equipment of the system, the fermentation tank is a biological reaction device used to cultivate microorganisms or cells. It is a special equipment for material fermentation and can be used for research, analysis or production.

The fermentation tank is generally designed  as a vertical cylinder made of stainless steel plates. The key link in design and processing is the tightness and rationality of the fermentation tank. It can withstand steam sterilization, has certain operating flexibility, minimizes internal accessories, fine polished inner surface( to avoid dead corners), strong material and energy transfer performance, and can be adjusted to facilitate cleaning and reduce pollution. It is suitable for a variety of Product production and reduce energy consumption. It can be heated, cooled and kept warm, and a temperature control system is designed to maintain the fermentation temperature and improve the fermentation temperature and improve the fermentation output.

The fermentation tank adopts pure seed fermentation to avoid and prevent the  contamination of  microorganisms in the air, and ensure the shelf life of the product and the purity of the product and the purity of the product. The tank body is specially designed installed with a sterile membrane respirator or a sterile positive pressure fermentation system. The tank body is equipped with a Miller plate or a coiled tube jacket, and heating steam or cooling medium can be passed in for heating or cooling.


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