• 20BBL Bright beer tank/Serving Tank A brite tank is a vessel used to mature, clarify and carbonate beer. It gets its name after the clear, bright beer stored and processed in it. Most breweries use brite tanks as serving vessels, too. While it would take around two weeks for beer to clarify and carbonate in a conical fermenter, a bright beer tank needs less than two days. Typical breweries have one brite tank for every four to five conicals. A special dished bottom collects the leftover yeast, letting you draw clear beer down to the very last drop. Unlike conical fermenters and other vessels, bright beer tanks yield close to 100% of the volume, letting you easily perform packaging calculations. A large, dimpled jacket on the coat makes sure the temperature inside the brite tank is always optimal. Thanks to the vertical construction of the cooling jacket, the stored liquids will be efficiently chilled even if the tank is not full to the brim. Durable, high-quality materials enable the bright beer tank to stay in pristine condition, even after years of professional usage. For brewpubs serving is often done by pumping or pressurizing the beer toward the serving location. In most breweries, the beer will be filtered after leaving the larger container and sent into bright tanks. If you want to force carbonation of bright beer, the beer can be carbonated in a fermentation tank or storage tank. In this case, the beer should be completely filled with carbonic acid to reach the bright tank. The 20BBL bright beer tank is usually used for beer maturation, secondary fermentation, beer storage, beer filling, addition & mixture of other spices, beer carbonation and beer serving etc. As a mature brewery, brite beer tank tanks are essential. Bright beer tanks are often also called serving tanks, clear beer tanks (=CBTs), bright beer tanks (=BBTs), maturation or conditioning tanks.
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