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Micro Beer Equipment

  • 5000 SETS/YEAR
Our scientific Dimple Jacket production technology can utmost ground realizes the effect of heat conduction,use high quality rock wool or polyurethane materials to insulation for the inner tank,effectively prevent heat energy leakage from the tank.advanced Lauter Tun raker systems and automatic hydraulic lifting technology,can ensure mash filter uniform and comprehensive.

Tonsen brand 200L micro beer equipment

(Electric heating way, 2-vessel in brewhouse)

Electric supply: 3 Phase 380V 50Hz or customized

Micro Beer Equipment

beer berwery machine

Specification List

1, Mining system

A wort mill, with the capacity 80kg/h. Carbone steel or stainless steel are customized.

2, Brewhouse system

Mash tun and Lauter tun are 200L in capacity, adding a wort pump and plate heat exchanger. The work platform is designed.

3, Fermenting system

We provide you 6x400L fermentiation tanks, and 2 pieces of sanitation hoses in 8m length each piece. The yeast adding tank is 4L which is the 1/100 of the capacity of fermentiation tank.

4, Cooling system

The chiller will be 4HP, and the glycol water tank is 500L connecting with fermenters by a 3t/h pump.

5, CIP system

This is a sterilizer system. We provide a sterilizer and alkali liquor tank on a trolley. It's movable trolley.

6, Control system

Siemens touch PLC control system is easy to operation.


All spare parts including valves, pipes and hoses are top quality, the using time will last for a long time.


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