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Technical instructions for equipment.


Open valve 3and valve1, Discharge the water left in the kettle tank, wash the tank inside, close all the valves, and waiting for boiling.(you may also pump the hot water to a storage tank)

Lautering: start stir 5-8mins to make the wort evenly, stop 10-15mins, open valve 1 and valve 8,start pump for reflux,around 5-10mins, you see the wort is clear and then open valve7 and close valve8, to kettle whirlpool tank, adjust the pump speed, keep the Stability for reflux and lautering.

Washing grain. After finish pump the first wort to the kettle tank, wash the grain with hot water, and connect to valve11, open valve 11 and valve 10. Lautering as the last step, wash grain for 2-3times usually. Total adding water 60-75L. 

Boiling:When the wort level exceed the heat exchanger, start heating, open valve 3and valve4, keep it for 10mins, start pumping, keep it’s boiling for 6mins, and adding hops according to the ratio during this time. 


Finish boiling. Finish boiling when the wort concentration meet the request (10BX), start pump, open valve3 and valve4, for 3-5mins, and stop pump for 30mins, open valve2 and discharge the precipitate,then close valves. 

Cooling wort: Open valve3 and valve12, start pump. Clean the water left in the heat exchanger and connect the heat exchanger to the bottom valve for fermenters, and start cooling the wort. And open the city inlet and cold water inlet for heat exchanger during this time, also start oxygen valve. 

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