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Homebrew Fermenter
  • 5000 SETS/YEAR
Tank internal and external wall are made of international quality standards of sanitary 304 stainless steel,the Polyurethane insulation thickness between the inner and outer is 100-200mm.conic bottom install inlet and outlet pipes,valves,temperature transducer,etc,with the help of PLC auto-control, the equipment can reach to automatic and semi-automatic control.

Product Description

Brewing beer at home is easy and fun, much cheaper than buying at a supermarket, and it is possible to make wines several times better than canned beer like water. To your friends, you're Bacchus!

Homebrew Fermenter

1.Easy to operate: Including all the kits to start to brew, offer instruction manual.

2.Easy to clean:Equip with CIP system and spray cleaning ball.

3.Compact: floor space only 2-3 sq.m.

4.Movable: Equip with wheels

5.Low price:Super quality with competitive price, adopt the SUS304 as material,CE certificate and ISO certificate.

6.beer:Can brew all kinds of beer, such as barley beer, wheat beer, bight beer, black beer, ect

7.Warranty:Main machine 3 years' warranty, auxiliary equipment one year's warranty, all life service.

8.Technology:Fermentation-Double jacket conical fermenter simultaneous brewing, perfect welding.


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