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Lager beerLager beerLager beer



Short fermentation time, high yield, high efficiency, and easy consistency of taste

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Pilsner originated from Pilsn in the Czech Republic. In 1842, Bavarian winemakers succeeded Pilsner in Pilsn, a soft-water brew with light-colored malt and Saaz hops. It became very popular after the listing. Being the classic originator of Lager wine has also found a way for large-scale industrial production in the future. On this basis, the Americans founded the American Lager. Now the more famous Pilsen in the Czech Republic is Czech Patek (the American Budweiser is the copyright bought from there, and later it was a hundred years after being changed into Bulgari), and the Russian hops in Europe. Zatecky Gus produced by the town of Zatez.

American Rag

In the 1840s, a large number of European immigrants appeared in the United States, and they also brought their favorite beer in Europe. Due to the high protein content of barley malt in the US real estate, Americans added cornstarch to the barley malt to dilute. Such a beer made from malt and corn starch has made the characteristics of the American Lager. Later, in order to reduce costs, Americans invented industrial lagers, using a large amount of cheap grains (such as rice) and even food additives and synthetics (pigments, sweeteners, etc.). This beer is the most popular in China. There are also some styles of beer exported from the United States and Europe. His masterpieces include Budweiser, Carlsberg, Heineken and so on. Of course, there are still many good Lagers in the United States. For example, Brooklyn Lager is a very good Lager beer.

European Lager

Germany is a relatively famous beer country in Europe. The reason is that Germany has promulgated the "Pure Law" for beer. This law prohibits the addition of everything except malt, water and hops to beer. This also guarantees that Germany will never It will produce industrial lager. In the German Lager, the most famous one is the kostriber schwarzbier. In many other European countries, the old Aier method is the main one. The better Lager beer is mainly the Belgian beer (stella) and the French triumph 1664.

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