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Mash Tun

Brand : TONSEN

Product origin : JINAN

Delivery time : 30 WORKING DAYS

Supply capacity : 5000 SETS/YEAR

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Mash Tun

  1. The pot body is conical bottom, stainless steel 06Crl9Ni10, inner surface polished precision 0.6μm, outer surface weld is pickled and passivated, polishing matte sand belt 5cm.

  2. The pot body is upper cone seal, the upper cone angle is 130 degrees, top exhaust pipe, sealed sight glass manhole, the manhole can be cleaned, with safety sighe glass lamp.

  3. The pot body adopts high-efficiency dimple plate jacket heat exchange technology, the jacket is heated in sections, real-time automatic temperature control.

  4. The  stirrer adopts international advanced suspension speed regulating system, adopts frequency conversion and automatic control stirring  method. The blade adopts oppsite combination of main blade and auxiliary blade of the advanced perforated blade, which doesn't produce shear fore.

  5. Online CIP cleaning, liquid level display, and realize empty material level control.

  6. The pot body is equipped with insulation and layer flow and low speed speeial mash pump.

  7. The mash control realizes automatic control of discharging, residual liquid washing, cleaning and sewage discharge.

  8. It can be fed from wet pulverization of rice to meet the proeessing requirements of special beer raw materials.

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