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Keg washer

Brand : TONSEN

Product origin : JINAN

Delivery time : 30 WORKING DAYS

Supply capacity : 5000 SETS/YEAR

tainless Steel Double Head Manual Keg Washer Keg Washing Machine Features 1. Programmable controller can realize fully automatic control 2. The washer can clean not only the plastic barrel but also the stainless steel kegs 3. All of the data can be set during the washer working time 4. 1 head washing, 2 water cabinet and double pumps 5. Adopt the SS pneumatic angle seat valves, the action is sensitive and reliable 6. The water cabinet with the steam heating device, temperature can be auto controlled

Washing Procedure Of Stainless Steel Double Head Manual Key Washer Keg Wsahing Machine 

-Set the key and compress keg

-Row of the residual liquid 

-Hot water washing 

-Air impact(discharge water)

-Hot alkaline cleading

-Air impact(Alkaline water circulation)

-Hot water washing

-Air impact(discharge water)

-Hot water washing

-Air impact(discharge water)

-Steam emptying sterilization

-CO2 air impact(Row of the oxygen in barrel)

-CO2 preparation of pressure

-Stop(take the barrel)

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