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Horizontal Fermentation Tank

Brand : TONSEN

Product origin : JINAN

Delivery time : 30 WORKING DAYS

Supply capacity : 5000 SETS/YEAR

   The main technical parameters:

  • Tank system: rotating shaft tpye horizontal tank. Material SUS316L or SUS304,  polished inside and outside; designed working pressure at normal pressure, inner sleeve heat transfer, large inoculation  port; with outer jacket, special safety ventilation, exhaust and sampling ports. The loading factor is 40%-60%.

  • Stirrung system: mechanical stirring, double propeller blades; speed control: 0~rated speed±1rpm

       ( German SEW motor and reducer. It can be clocked forward and reverse rotation, 0-99min                        adjustable).

  • Temperature control: (cooling water +5℃)-65.0℃±0.2℃ (Pt-100 temperature electrode imported form Germany, fuzzy PID intelligent controller).

  •  Humidity control: one-stage decompression filtration, two-stage pre-filtration; sterilization filter adopts imported filter element, steam filter; humidity control range: 30%~100% (automatically adjusted by water spray system. Water can also be added manually).

  • Water replenishment time: open 0-99 minutes or seconds; off 0-99 minutes or seconds.

  • Ventilation flow: 0~1VVM (rotor flowmeter. 0.2 μm sterile air filter).

  • Tank pressure: 0-0.3Mpa (pressure gauge indication, manual adjustment).

  • In-place inoculation and mixing: In-place pressure difference or flame uniform inoculation, in the precess of biochemical reaction, use the material mixing and crushing system in the tank to achieve unifrom and stable fermentation.

  • Sterilization method: external steam, manual control (the medium material in the fermenter tank is directly passed into steam, assisted by a special stirring system, to achieve high -temperature sterilization in place. Compared with turntable and tillage solid biochemical reaction systems, Eliminating the need for a large number of auxiliary equimpment such as a solid material steaming pot, an aseptic material conveying system. The cooling adopts a combination of vacuum and ventilation, while adjusting the moisture content of the sterilized material).

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